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Explanation of our market analysis service

Hit your targets

We believe an independent trader or investor can succeed and profit in the markets, and we’re committed to helping our subscribers trade well on the time frame that best suits them. We founded Trading On The Mark in 2008 to help traders overcome some of the challenges of market analysis and trade execution. If trading futures and options based on technical analysis appeals to you, then you’re the kind of trader we want to work with.

TOTM’s technical approach is grounded in Elliott wave and Gann techniques while also making use of Fibonacci relationships in price and time, historical cycles analysis, proprietary technical indicators, and other more esoteric methods. Readers will benefit from some prior knowledge of Elliott wave theory, but it is not essential.

How it works

We offer two levels of service — daily and intraday.

  • The Daily Analysis service provides charts and forecasts for key indices and commodities, often highlighting important areas to watch for turns, trade entries, and profit targets. The service is perfect for part-time traders and investors alike.

    As a subscriber to Daily Analysis, you get twice-daily updates for a wide range of markets and also weekly “big picture” overviews. We closely follow the S&P 500 index and futures, gold, crude oil, treasury bonds, the Dollar Index and the Euro. We also post about other markets and ETFs when we see interesting opportunities on the long or short side.

    Daily Analysis updates are posted here on Substack, and they’re also sent to your email. The price for Daily Analysis is $30/month or $300/year, and you can sign up for it right here.

  • The Intraday Analysis service includes everything from Daily Analysis plus access to our intraday trading room where we monitor S&P 500 futures (“ES”) while also keeping track of crude oil, NASDAQ futures, and other markets that subscribers express interest in.

    If you sign up for Intraday Analysis, we’ll send you an invitation to the intraday trading room (hosted on, and we’ll make sure you also have access to all the Daily Analysis posts here and via email.

    The price for Intraday Analysis is $120/month or $1200/year. You’ll find the payment gateway for intraday service on our other Substack page.

    (If you subscribe to the intraday service, you do not need to sign up for the daily service. Daily is included automatically.)